Monday, December 3, 2012

Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Mon Shu Girl Collection Haul

When I first saw this year's Shu Uemura holiday collection with Karl Lagerfeld (I was a big fan of Shu Uemura's Tsumori Chisato & Takano aya Collection in the past), I couldn't pass it.
I love when the company collaborates with artists and comes out with cute fancy packaging.
My favorite part of the collection is, however, the pouch~! I just love love love these Mon shu girl pouches.
The Pouch was a gift with purchase, so I had to make my order with Shu Uemura online twice to get both of them. I just couldn't pick up only one since they were both absolutely cute and lovely.

Mon shu Velvet Smoky palette, Painting liner, mini eyelash, eyelash curler

However I want to point out that it is such a shame that I received a defective item.
Do you notice something is wrong with my palette?
Compare that with the promotional picture.

Yes, there are "WRONG" shadow colors in my palette.
Where are my Silver and Mint colors????
What are those Gold and Green colors????

Unfortunately, when I contacted Shu online to request an exchange and asked them to send me a replace, they refused it. They said there have no exchange policy, so I have to return the item, and make another purchase. 
Usually their shipping delivery takes quite long time.. (I had to wait almost 2 wks for them to arrive) and that means it will take quite long time for them to issue my refund.
It is quite upsetting, since this palette is $65 which is not cheap at all, and they supposed to better manage their manufacturing lines, especially on the limited edition stuffs.
I really miss the old times when they were available in-store.

Friday, November 30, 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Photo Booth nail polish set Swatch

My 2nd order on the Andy Warhol collection.
They are all in mini size, but Black room is also available in original size for a limited time.

-Black Room (Black): I think the formula is pretty thin, that you need at least 2 coats to get a clean matte black.
-Chelsea Girls(Modern Beige): I like nude polishes so I had a pretty high expectation on this. Color was ok, but it was a bit thicker than I expected.
-Soup Can (Vivid Red): I guess the name soup can for this nail color was derived from Campbell's tomato soup :) Formula is light (not thin)
-Silver Factory(Aluminium) : Isn't this a dupe of Space Odyssey from last year's holiday collection?

My first Nars nail polish was "Bad Influence" which gave me a "Good Influence".
I got it when it was sale on Sephora last year (only $8~!!), and had a pretty good impressions on Nars nail polishes- It is very easy to apply with great formula, dries quickly.... but the polishes in the photo booth set do not have exceptional formula like Bad Influence.

But if you ran out of any black, red, nude, or metallic silver, this set might be a good choice, since these are all basic colors and can be used any time.

Here are the swatches for the Photo Booth nail set.
Keep in mind that I do not have a good nail technique...
so it could be a good reference how these looks and applies on an ordinary person :)

 Silver Factory, Black Room, Chelsea Girls, Soup Can

Nars Photo Booth in natural light

Silver Factory & Chelsea Girls Nail + Lipgloss

Size difference with Bad Influence nail polish

P.S :
Illamasqua Nail Base Coat

My recent discovery! It was a random pick up, which turned out to be my fav.
I like it much better than Seche clear, O.P.I, and Butter London's base coat.
I have never imagined myself being impressed by a base coat before-you know, Base coat is just a base coat-but this product has:

1. Wonderful Formula (smooth, silky, quick-drying)
2. Wonderful Brush (very easy to apply)
3. Wonderful foundation effect (It covers my terrible ridges almost perfectly. great great great~!)

I am thinking about getting Illamasqua's top coat next time.

Nars Andy Warhol Kiss mini Larger than Life Lip gloss Set

UPDATE (12/1/12): This product is now on sale ($55->$45) (......)

How I use the Nars Andy Warhol kiss set.
Yes, it is a perfect brush case.

Yachiyo, #14, #15 brushes
(I wanted to put M.A.C cinematics color brushes, but they were too short...)

Chealsea Girls & Silver Factory

I think it would have been greater if Nars didn't separate these two exclusive colors in each of other holiday sets. I want them all to be together. Silver Factory is so beautiful

P.S. By the way, has anyone noticed that Nars mini lipgloss bottle looks exactly same as Laura Mercier mini lipgloss? Are they manufactured from a same factory?